Lets Coditate

What is Coditate?

Code + Meditate is Coditate .

I feel coding is meditation. When I am immersed in solving a bug or trying to get a feature addition correct, nothing around me matters . I don’t feel hungry, thirsty, sad, happy, success , failure. Nothing. I am just there, and all that matters is the code I am working upon.

This is quite similar to Meditation. In meditation as well by concentrating on our breath, we try to achieve a state where we are, just we are.

Mediation is like starting a program in our brain that Garbage Collects all the unnecessary variables, cleans up the memory , makes us focused and relaxes us at the same time.

Hence the name Coditate.

Coditate is a chronicle of my learnings in the field of Computer Science, including but not limited to C, C++, Python, Linux , Computer Networks .

So join me on this journey , where we will learn and enjoy a lot of coding , and alot of computer science.


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